What is composting?

Composting is a method of creating nutrient-rich, organic fertiliser using organic waste generated in your house, mostly from kitchen-scraps.

Why should we compost ?

Composting allows you to take an important step to fight climate change starting from your own kitchen !!! 

In  Nairobi alone, 50-60% of waste generated is organic waste.

We can drastrically reduce the waste that ends up in the dumping sites by repurposing it into compost.


With our compost we create healthy soils that grow healthy plants, which keep us healthy. Healthy soils fix CO2 from the atmosphere, helping reduce the impact of climate change. 

How can you make compost in your house?

In this picture you see organic waste from your kitchen at the top, and compost from our Sufuria Kit at the bottom. 

To get this nutrient rich compost, you only need to keep mixing the chopped organic waste collected in your kitchen with a handful of coco coir. If you are brave enough, you can add a handful of worms to expedit the process. From then onwards, you just need to keep adjusting the moisture.

If you are not a dudu fan, do not worry, you can still compost 60% (in weight) your organic waste, in less than two months without the worms. After two months, you just need to sieve the mixture and put it to your plants or garden. There might be some bigger chunks of unprocessed food that you should just keep a little longer in the kit for further composting.

Every kit comes with an easy pamphlet explaining step by step how to get the best compost out of your waste !!

Making compost
with the Sufuria Kit

Follow the video instructions to know Step by Step how to create compost out of your waste using the Sufuria Kit.  

Who is Dudu Dunia?

Dudu dunia is a social startup enterprise based in Nairobi that provides the awareness, knowledge and means for anybody to produce compost from its home organic waste. 

Dudu dunia empowers customers to take active steps into the fight for climate change. Make Kenya greener with your compost, grow your own garden, help restoring soils, and fixing CO2 in the soil !!  Tuko pamoja 🙂



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